Crisis on the Horizon

As we see the aviation and aerospace fields prepare to launch into a new age of technological advancements, a potentially massive road block also comes into view.  Aviation & Aerospace skilled labor shortages are nearing “crisis” level says Forbes, and many other accredited sources.  They all point to the year 2022 as “the year of reckoning”.

What are the steps to avoiding this skilled labor shortage in Aviation and Aerospace? Join PartsBase as we take a look at a few of the possible solutions to this labor crisis!

Synopsis of this Potential Aviation Labor Crisis

The world has grown, and will continue to grow, ever smaller with the advancements of the aviation and aerospace industries. As these industries have grown, the population has continuously poured both monetary and personnel towards all facets of aviation & aerospace. This went on for a number of years but, with an ever-aging population and younger generations that either do not receive proper education or show interest in the field, aviation and aerospace may take a large hit. This holds especially true for the skilled labor jobs found within the aviation market.

Enough with the doom and gloom! There are plans to help expand the seemingly deflating market of aircraft and aerospace maintenance workers, join us while we take a look at these solutions.

The Aviation & Aerospace Markets; Rocketing to the Top!

According to the 2018 Global Fleet & MRO Market Economic Assessment, the global aviation maintenance market will grow to 114.7 billion from its current 77.4 billion. Prospects for growth in aviation/air travel, as well as technological innovations, will disrupt all sectors of the aviation marketplace. With all of these advancements in the aviation field there is still a labor shortage, and it is one that could very quickly balloon to a crisis situation in the upcoming years.

To keep up with the ever-growing aviation and aerospace markets, we MUST have maintenance technicians, diagnosticians, and technicians well-versed in the complexities of the technological access.

Can Skilled Laborers Keep Up with the Aviation Market?

As stated above, the aviation and aerospace markets are expected to continue their growth well into the 2020s. Can skilled laborers keep up with the market expansion? How can we “revive” the field before the entire aviation market is brought to an abrupt halt? Fear not! There are people working to solving these issues.

Senator Jerry Moran, a Kansas Republican, is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 2506; which is a bill to help establish “an aviation maintenance workforce development pilot program”. This program would offer up to $500,000 in grants to increase the amount of skilled laborers in the aviation market.

The skilled laborer bill would establish a pilot program that would be run by the Federal Aviation Administration to award grants to companies, organizations, technical schools and college, and state and local government entities that support the education and recruitment of aircraft maintenance workers. The rant money has many applications, but it will primarily be used for technical training programs, scholarships, and apprenticeships to increase the overall reach to qualified workers.

Skilled Laborers – The Future of Aviation

The road ahead may look grim, but luckily there are plenty of determined aviation industry employees hard set on making sure that this potential skilled laborer shortage avoids on becoming a skilled laborer crisis. The aviation and aerospace industries are working diligently to prevent a catastrophic halt in the industry’s progress.

Surely, with the incentivized grants, wage increases, and other programs, there will be more than enough skilled labor workers flocking to the field. With the above mentioned additions various aviation schools and aviation/aerospace industries will be able to provide rewarding, and rigorous, training and classes.

PartsBase’s Optimism

PartsBase is very optimistic about the potential skilled labor shortage in the aviation and aerospace markets. Because of PBExpo 2018 and 2019, as well as our heavy presence at the top aviation and aerospace trade shows around the globe, we are right on the pulse of the aviation industry; the emerging technologies, the disruptive forces, and the REAL problems our field faces. This is why we know the aviation and aerospace markets will overcome this “hiccup”.

It is also that exact reason that PartsBase created PBExpo! PBExpo will, and does, stand as the centerpiece for the discussion and propulsion of the aviation, aerospace, and technological markets. Not only are we committed to the advancement of our industry but, for our 2019 show taking place on March 13th & 14th of 2019, we are hosting an elite panel on the Skilled Labor Shortage in Aviation called “Crisis on the Horizon”. Let’s learn how to avoid this potential crisis together!

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