Cyber Security Threats in Aviation

The technological world continues to ramp up in terms of evolution, and there are no signs that it will slow down – especially in terms of Cyber Security Defense. As the defenses against these cyber security threats has grown, so have the attackers.

The aviation industry must be on the forefront of these technological advancements, due to the extremely sensitive information they handle.

Cyber Defense – More Important than Ever

The global commercial aviation industry is keenly aware that they are prone to cyber security problems. But, unlike a majority of the other business sectors, the aviation industry is vulnerable across multiple fronts. Commercial Airlines have to a duty to protect customer data, defend the physical aircraft from intrusive attacks, and defend data-driven maintenance and operation programs.

Because the field is so interconnected on many varying levels, it leaves multiple points for a potential threat to intrude and corrupt data. Considering the multitude of ways a hacker could disrupt the system, it comes as no shock to anyone that airline companies are more concerned than other industry CXOs over potential cyber security threats.

Threat Defense

It is agreed, across the board with aviation and airline companies, that cyber security defenses are vitally important to the market. Whether that be something similar to the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) cyber security toolkit, new risk assessment protocols, or various forms of safeguard programs – the aviation community is united on this front to protect their customers, the market, and most importantly … themselves.

With newer, and incredibly advanced, planes looking to emerge in the market (like the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787) … there HAS to be ways to protect them. These types of aircrafts generate ENORMOUS amounts of data – from things such as part procurement, part damages, amount of passengers, flight schedules, and so many more variables. It is up to these airline companies, and those of us who do business with them, to ensure the safety of all of that information.

Maintaining a Steady Climb

Various levels within the industry, from executives to your average worker, are looking for ways to combat the newest and greatest threats because as we evolve … so do they! These new cyber security threats are threatening not only trading partners but, they put passengers and flight crews at risk. It is the responsibility of airline industries to ensure everyone reaches their destination as smoothly and safely as humanly possible.

This is why we are seeing companies building an incredibly strong and positive relationship with their security culture. This involves addressing cyber security risks across the entire airline … which includes the back end office IT, maintenance, operations, consumer-serving systems, management, and the board of directors/upper management. Every level mentioned above must have impenetrable defenses against the foreboding wave of cyber security threats that lurk around nearly every corner.

And they are doing just that.

Safety is First … and Always Will Be

Threat intelligence, identity and access management, data protection, advanced and ever-changing encryption software, application security and design, and general security awareness. These are just a few of the focuses most aviation industries/airline industries are focusing their efforts to ensure the safest environments physically possible. As mentioned numerous times above, this is not one of those situations where you can raise the bar to a height and just stop advancing … no! The bar is continuously moving upwards, and it is expected of us to maintain the steady climb with it.

External and internal threats are a VERY real problem in the industry. Whether that be various malicious softwares that can be uploaded in person, or via remote access … they are not to be taken lightly. It is highly likely that a cyber security threat WILL occur, but with our continual advancements in technology will be able to identify these threats and implement appropriate responses to them. This is the key to ensuring not only the safest environment imaginable … but also encourages the field to constantly be on their toes, adapting to the newest and greatest threats emerging – and staring them dead in the eye as they defeat them.

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