New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business!

With 2018 quickly wrapping itself up it begs the inevitable question, “What are my resolutions for 2019 going to be?” 

You could set some personal goals for yourself, such as a fitness goal or challenge yourself intellectually (reading or taking a course), but what about your business?  Are you thinking about your business goals?  Where would you even start with that?  Allow us to help …

Business Growth Goals

This New Year is the perfect opportunity to start, continue, or adapt new business practices to better your business.  Today we will be looking into some of the most efficient ways to meet your business goals, and we will also remind you to continue to aim higher because with hard work and dedication … comes results!

Social Strategy Goals

In 2018 we have seen a few explosive markets, as well as the ever-steady climb of those involved in social media; whether that be the marketing aspect, creative ideations and generation, or advertising!  Needless to say … social media is not going anywhere!  If you and your business have not begun a serious social media campaign, it is time to make that one of your primary goals of 2019.

In January of 2018 a study was conducted, so writes Forbes, showing that there are 4.02 billion internet users.  Allow me to restate that … FOUR … BILLION USERS!  That is over half of the world population, and 3.2 billion of those internet users are on social media.  The social media marketplace is ripe for the picking, especially if you intend on making business growth a primary goal for yourself and your business in 2019.

The markets are simply too large to ignore.  If you are not utilizing social media … you are missing out.  Set it as a goal!

Precision Choices Goal

What the heck does that mean?  Glad you asked!

What I mean by precision choices is you rid yourself, and your business, with half-baked ideas that you know (in your gut) are not profitable for you.  This is not to say that you should not take risks, because that is largely what makes our economy so fantastic, but if your idea genuinely does not benefit you, your company, or others around you … invest your time elsewhere!

A large chunk of this particular goal is proper money management.  The saying goes “Cash is King” which is absolutely right … but we would change it to say “Precise Money Management is King”!  Many start up companies struggle with way to generate cash, but what is all-too often missed is how business spend their cash once they get it.  We believe it is a fantastic idea for business owners, when deciding their 2019 business goals, to go over every aspect of their business.  Whether that be targeting alternative shipping methods, searching for an alternative to certain service providers, analyzing a specific packing process, or even what toilet paper they provide.

It does not matter how large or seemingly menial the aspect of the business is, if there is the possibility of improvement … why would you not want to act on that?  If you want to reach your business goal, we HEAVILY recommend dissecting your business itself, or having another pair of fresh eyes (the form of a close family friend, a hired consultant, or even an employee) run over the every day operations.

Communications and Community

Proper communication is like the oil of a business’ engine.  Without it, your business will just be a loud and clanky mess predestined to fall apart.  This means that you will want to squash communication errors anywhere that they may pop up … whether that be quicker ways to solve simple misunderstandings, email accountability, or a reduction in the amount of time wasters (limits to social media access and less meetings that are not regarding the individuals).

Communication doesn’t end with your internal business affairs … you want to keep your hand on the pulse of your market.  This can be through social involvement, cooperative events, or our personal favorite Trade Shows.  If you are in any way involved in the aviation, aerospace, or technology markets … it is essential that you get your company out there.

This is where PBExpo 2019 comes in to save the day.  PBExpo, in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 13th and the 14th, is the continuation of the massive success of PBExpo 2018.  It is not JUST another aviation tradeshow … it is a technology show for the aviation, aerospace, and technology marketplaces.  The only interactive environment where you can actively take place in the discussion of innovation. Business success is ultimately your goal.  By following our tips above, and joining us for PBExpo 2019, you take the first big leap into 2019 … and you do it right.  Ensure you meet your goals!  We here at PartsBase wish you a very Happy New Years, and we hope to see you in Florida!

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