One is too many …

Google, Facebook, Twitter … Oh My!

We have seen revolutionary changes in the way that online systems operate and, more prominently, how the changes have affected human behavior.  You may wonder “how?” What is the first thing that people do now-a-days before an important meeting, or a promising date?  They google the name of the individual to see what is pulled up.

Whether that is to see any recent business activity, for the company’s social media page, or perhaps an embarrassing picture from their high school years (for a blind date of course).  Now, some of these options may seem sillier than others, but they are applicable regardless.  At the end of the day, those searches are very often times the first impression an individual will make about you which robs the individual of the chance of solidifying a great first impression.

Well now … there is a way to ensure a great first impression, and strategize how you are viewed by your targeted audience.

Integral Integration

Human behavior often has individuals taking the path of least resistance.  When applying this behavior to most people’s thirst for information, this “hunt” leads them to aimlessly wonder through every available search engine for some sort of impression.  What if all of the information they wanted was available with one simple click?

On the PartsBase listing page, there will be a hyperlink to the company’s PBLinked account.  Upon clicking the link, the user is taken to the companies PBLinked profile where they are given access to the information they want including-

This will give the customer a one-stop destination to answer all of their curiosities, making the business decision that much easier.

Tell Your Story.

Let’s say that you are a company listing a specific aircraft bearing on PartsBase for fifty dollars.  When a customer searches for that specific bearing in mind, they are also shown 700 suppliers to your listed part.  Because of PartsBase’s large market following, this adds a tremendous amount of competition.

This is when having an up-to-date PBLinked profile would be incredibly beneficial.  Not only will it essentially double the physical size of your listed part on the website but, upon clicking the link to your PBLinked profile, it will show the customer the “face” of your company.

We cannot stress enough how big of an opportunity this is, to control your first impression.  You will be able to define your mission statement in a clear and concise manner without being subjected to online persecution by scorned employees or internet trolls.  The individual looking at your profile will be able to see all your updates: the photos of the new office, the shiny new shipments that are raring to go, photos from the company retreat, and the connections made through PBLinked as well.

One Chance for a 1st Impression.

One bad impression is far too many, especially in regards to the sales of high-end aviation and aerospace parts.  This will not only affect that one particular sale … it will leave the individual with a sour taste in their mouth, which is all too hard to completely remedy.

Why not ensure the customer loves what they see?  What if we said that we could help with that, in fewer than 5 minutes of your time (and even that is pushing how much time it’ll take)?  After the 30 second PBLinked account creation, we recommend uploading your company logo, a company “cover” banner image, and a brief company description.

With these 3 simple steps completed, you’ve already vastly increased your visibility among your core audience.  When the PartsBase and PBLinked integration goes live, you will already be ahead of the competition because of the availability of your company’s information.  Availability is visibility, and visibility is business in your pocket.

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