The Benefits of Online Meetings

Now that we spoke at length on the benefits and possible detriments of holding business meetings or interviews in person, it is time to discuss the same for online meetings.

Online meetings counteract the physical meeting in numerous ways. By hosting a meeting online it allows both small and large businesses to- thrive in their respective ecosystem, make cost effective decisions, and preserve expensive materials.

“Big Fish” and the “Little Fish”

For the “big fishes” in the business realm an online meeting really trims the fat of large scale meetings. These large physical meetings are all too often prone to tardiness and having to conform to every involved party’s schedule. This results in weeks of planning ahead as well as the inevitable “wait 10 minutes in awkward silence so that everyone can join us” idleness. With the advancements of online and mobile applications setting up and attending business meetings has never been easier, no matter scheduling conflicts or amount of time planned.

On the opposite spectrum, online meetings have proven to be invaluable to smaller businesses as well. While the same reasons as above apply to the “small fishes”, when they are able to fully utilize new online applications and technologies it frees valuable time for them to focus on company growth. If small businesses are tight on capital or unable to afford large travel expenses, an online meeting allows them to still make valuable connections outside of their usual realm of contact without the sacrifice of their bank accounts.

Cost and Time Efficiencies

There are those that will read this and think “Don’t you have to pay for this ease of access?” Nope! There are plenty of free web services and even routes through your smartphone out there (Skype, GoToMeetings, much more etc…) that will allow the business owners and employees alike to connect with seamless transitions. This means no printing 200+ pages of documentation so that everyone is kept in the loop, they can simple open up a shared document on whichever device is preferable for them and get to work.

The efficiencies do not end with saving money! Online meetings also can save businesses valuable time, which technically … is still money. By freeing themselves of the time-consuming process of setting up a physical meeting, it allows business owners to get back to business and move on to the next obstacle. These meetings are oftentimes recorded as well, so if there are any questions as to the decisions made they can revisit the exact SECOND that the decision was made to jog their creative processes.

Save the Planet

We briefly touched on the subject in the previous paragraphs, but online meetings can help business save, not only money and time, but also the planet. Just think of all the paper compiled from the seemingly countless in person meetings only to be thrown in non-recyclable trash cans.
With online meetings, the content viewed can be sent through varying platforms like Google Docs which allows participants to view and edit content in real time. This can help eliminate the confusions and idleness often seen in trying to find a specified point in a document as well as propel a sense of united cohesion amongst those involved.

So Many Options

There is a plethora of options available to ensure the smoothest online meeting experience possible. There are many benefits whether they are helping businesses gain traction or by saving time, money, or even the planet.

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