From The Cockpit to The Courtroom – Learn How To Protect Your Business

The world is rapidly changing and the ever-growing technologies are only speeding up the process. The aviation world is no exception to this whether it is- data analysis and collection, Cyber Security and Defense against harmful digital intrusions, alternate part acquisition and usage, or the investment of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to maximize productivity. In this transitional phase, it is far too easy to get lost in the many turns the aviation field takes.

To ease our customer’s nauseating anxieties towards these topics, PartsBase decided to host PBExpo 2018 and The Aviation Law Forum.

Powerhouse Panelists

There is an almost overwhelming amount of change happening in the aviation field, as mentioned above, but there are also occurrences on a much grander scale; like how Brexit is going to affect the international aviation market, or current laws regarding air traffic interference.

Our newest PBExpo 2018 update revealed a panel of six (6) aviation law experts from some of the nation’s top aviation law firms and aviation insurance companies to educate PBExpo attendees on the various complexities of their respective field. The panelists include – Anita Mosner of “Holland & Knight”, Ted Green of “AIG”, Nicole Wolfe-Stoute of “Strawinski & Stout, PC”, Jim Gardner of “Gardner Aviation”, John D. McKay of “Park Avenue Law”, and Glenn Vallach of “US Aircraft Insurance Group”.

PBExpo’s Panel members are extremely well-versed in delivering high-level aviation law and aviation insurance content in public educational settings. They bring a broad range of expertise in the international aviation and aerospace arena. An engaging moderator will guide the panel in an informative and lively discussion that will provide key takeaways for anyone involved in Aviation and Aerospace.

Titillating Topics

An F-35 “Lightning II” Jet has approximately eight (8) to nine (9) millions lines of software coding. If a single line of this incredibly complex algorithm is tampered with or removed, the entirety of the plane could fail. Now this could be tampered with physically, meaning in person, but with the evolution of our technologies these issues can be caused by remote access.

This is just a small example as to why Cyber Security is so important in today’s fast-paced and technology driven markets. Our professional panelists have their finger on the pulse of Cyber Security Laws, especially in regards to the aviation world, and are eager to share their knowledge with PBExpo 2018 attendees. Cyber Security is not only a hot topic; it is a vitally important aspect of the Aviation and Aerospace markets- and something you desperately need to incorporate in your business.

This above example is obviously illegal, and a rarer occurrence, but it is a reality that the aviation and aerospace business fields will be facing in the no-so-distant future. Our group of expert panelists will be discussing situations like this at length, but their focuses will primarily be towards – Advancements in Technology and Aerospace Law, Aviation and Aerospace Government Policy for 2018 and Beyond, and Aviation Risk and Insurance. These topics are vitally important for any given individual or business in the aviation and aerospace marketplace; proving to be an opportunity whose gravity cannot, and should not, be missed.

Secure Your Spot

As mentioned, the world is in a constant state of change. The only way to master it is to constantly adapt, learn, and better yourself- and the same goes for mastering your business. PBExpo 2018’s Law Forum Panelists are eager to share their accumulated knowledge of Cyber Security, APIs, Alternate Part usage, and much more.

Join PartsBase at PBExpo 2018 on May 16th at 2:00 PM in person or via Facebook live-stream to gain access to this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity. If you are at all interested in hearing more about our professional panelists in their realm of expertise, you can find out more at or call one of our many professionals here at PartsBase at (561)-953-0700.

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