Opportunities with PBExpo 2018

Advertising with PBExpo 2018

Many traditional forms of advertising have businesses spending large amounts of capital on what seems like a daily basis. This holds especially true for those in the fields of aviation, cyber security, and technology. While running online advertisements, making cold calls, and sending cold emails is a proven form of reaching consumers; nothing beats direct contact. This is, in part, one of the reasons PartsBase decided to create a tradeshow, and one of the primary foundations of PBExpo.

Those of us in the aviation, technology, and ecommerce fields that have attended expos or conferences in the past know that shaking hands with potential and current customers can prove incredibly beneficial. The face-to-face time provides a chance to connect with the consumer in a way that alternative advertising can never fully capture.  PartsBase is aware of the difficulties in diversifying an audience, as their membership ranges from interested millennials to experienced industry veterans, and they want to help you reach them.

Location Matters
One of the more important aspects for holding such a large conference is the location. PartsBase is headquartered in Boca Raton, with gorgeous South Florida beaches in their backyard. With so many potential conference locations, PartsBase questioned “why not bring the PBExpo to our slice of paradise?” This location would provide ample amounts of sunshine, beaches that stretch as far of the eye can see, and perfect weather … it just made sense.

PartsBase chose The Greater Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Convention Center as their venue. The convention center is a 600,000-square-foot venue which has served millions of guests since 1991. As one of the country’s premiere waterfront conference facilities, its stunning architecture leaves guests amazed. However, with leading companies in the aviation, cyber security, technology, and ecommerce fields in attendance, the architecture will surely take a backseat.

By hosting a booth at PB Expo, you exponentially increase your visibility amongst those interested in aviation, cyber security, ecommerce, and technologies. PartsBase members, as well as buyers and sellers in the aviation parts procurement industry, will be in attendance from across the globe, which means there will be access to new and formerly unreachable audiences. The attendees, who vary in ages, are all interested in aviation, ecommerce, and technology of the sorts, which can and should be taken as an opportunity to develop new relationships and sales leads.

Do you want more of a presence at the PBExpo, aside from a booth? There are varying sponsorship opportunities available for those interested in expanding their viewership that all offer incredible benefits. They range from –

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

While all of them host similarities like- prominent signage and logo placement, a platinum sponsorship offers the highest exclusive benefits. A few of the benefits offered in the packages include guest passes, access to the VIP suite, an upgraded booth, an advertising banner on the PartsBase website, and many more exclusivities.

Don’t Miss Your Chance

In the aviation, technology, ecommerce, and any given market, appearance is everything. Appearance is not limited to how the public views the company; it includes your company’s ability to physically be seen by consumers. PartsBase understands these complexities which is one of the reasons why they created the PBExpo; allowing them to harness their large and diverse following in the community to benefit others.

Conferences and expos are an incredible opportunity to meet your market and show them directly why they should trust your business. Registration and exhibitor move-in for PBExpo begins at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, May 15th. For more information on how to secure your spot at the PBExpo visit www.pbexpo.org or call PartsBase at (561) 953-0700.

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