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The Future of Professional Aviation Networking.

It seems now-a-days that everywhere you look there is a social media outlet. These websites are always only vaguely related to your interests, and are heavily dependent on the user to narrow their viewership. But what about those of us left wanting, and craving for, a space specifically for professionals and enthusiasts in the aerospace, aviation, and technology fields?

Well now, there is PBLinked.

What is PBLinked?

PBLinked is a professional networking platform made by PartsBase. They noticed while sifting through what seems like millions of social media platforms, that there was no simplified space for those interested in all things aviation and technology. That had to be fixed.

So PartsBase created this professional and focused networking site to specifically satiate consumers thirst for all things aviation, technology, and aerospace. PBLinked’s fluid design is not only appealing to the eye, but it also makes tracking other businesses, individuals, and groups incredibly easy. Finally, a way to stay connected to what you are interested in.

Who uses PBLinked?

In short, PBLinked is for you … the person reading this now. It is not a social platform to share pictures of your kids or stylish photos of food. It was made by experienced professionals in aviation for other professionals and enthusiasts in aviation, technology, and aerospace.

Aside from individual users, PBLinked also has a strong following from titans in their respective industries including- United Airlines, Boeing, AAR, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and Delta TechOps. There are also hundreds of other companies on the platform, all looking to share their knowledge with individuals with shared interests.

PBLinked, as a professional networking site, serves as an exclusive opportunity to connect with both the titans of the industry and smaller industry movers.  In connecting with these companies you will open the floodgates of the aviation, aerospace, and technology worlds- because it provides the opportunity for direct contact with the company.

Check out the Future of Aviation Networking.

For some, this may seem like almost too good of an opportunity; left sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the catch. There is none! PBLinked is a completely free professional networking service meant to serve a community that is desperately underrepresented. It’s only requirements are an email address, just like other professional networking sites. So if you are at all interested in aviation, aerospace, or technology … take a look at www.pblinked.com to get a step ahead in the professional networking game.

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