Pre-Trade Show Social Media Campaign

Trade show season is coming up! Are you prepared?

Now don’t panic … because there is still time! In the past we have talked about numerous ways that you and your business can stay ahead of the game in terms of preparedness for the upcoming Trade Show season. We have touched on the need for proper budgeting, various activities and giveaways that you can have at your booth to attract attention … but that sounds like a bunch of stuff to attract people to your booth.

But what about letting your customers, and other relevant businesses, know that you are going to be at the trade show?

The Power of Social Media

What we mentioned above, having things to attract people to your booth is essentially shouting out “HEY, WE ARE HERE!” When you properly incorporate social media advertising, and other online strategies, you amplify your voice. Give your vocal cords a rest and use the megaphone that is social media!

Below we will go over some of the potential ways that you, and your business, can utilize the many functionalities of social media to rake in viewership and visits at your booth at a trade show.

Teasers & Little Tastes

If you want your viewing audience to be excited about your presence at a trade show … GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO GET EXCITED OVER!

This can come in many forms- a new advertisement, a teaser video of a new product, an introduction to your trade show staff members, and any other of the numerous ongoing projects that you are excited to unveil on the day of the trade show.

For example, Tesla attended our annual Trade Show, PBExpo 2018. For PBExpo, Tesla brought the Model X … which was absolutely fantastic … but more importantly their online advertising displayed that they would be bringing that specific model. The hype around this exhibit was off the charts; it happened to be one of the better attended booths … which can’t just be a coincidence!

Tesla was able to corral the excitement about one of their newest models released, capitalizing on both attendees and their viewer’s excitement about the newest emerging technologies.

Helpful Hashtags!

Don’t think that your product alone has enough of a punch to really drive viewers? There are plenty of other ways to gain visibility! One of the best ways to do so, is to incorporate hashtags.

Every event typically has their own hashtag, like #PBExpo2019 or #PBExpo, so be sure to incorporate that in all of your social media postings leading up to the event. This will let the viewers of the hashtag know that your company will be present! Through these event hashtags, your company will be given a unique ability to directly interact with both attendees and those interested in the trade show scene.

It also can prove to be beneficial if you have your own company hashtag, like #PartsBase, that accompanies all of your social postings as well. This way is more than advertising for the specific event, it also allows viewers to home in on your exclusive posts.

Get Yourself Seen

Social media is vitally important in order to get yourself, and your business, seen during trade show season. This is the name of the game now, so if you do not somehow incorporate your social media presence … you run a dangerous risk of being left behind.

A perfect place to put these helpful tips into practice is at #PBExpo2019, taking place March 13th & the 14th. #PBExpo is the premier place for aviation, aerospace, and technology companies to come together and talk about the emerging innovations within their markets. There is still time to reserve your spot and advertise your involvement on social media. You can find out more here!

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