Promo Content: How To’s

Imagine this, a busy Trade Show floor that is bustling with foot traffic. Your booth is smack-dab in-between two of your competitors who have the exact same booth as you do. How do you, as a smart business person, stand out from the rest of your Trade Show competition? Two words. Promotional. Content.

Promotional content provides a quick and easy way to remember a business, but there are a few things that need to be ironed out before deciding your Promotional Content.

What is Your Objective with the Promo?

What is it that you hope to achieve by choosing your Promotional Content? How will you distribute said item? Does your promotional item actually fit your brand? Who is this content for? Does it work for your audience?

These are excellent questions to ask when contemplating which Promotional Content best suites you and your business. You want your Promotional Content to be something that your audience won’t simply toss away with other non-memorable “junk” that they receive at these large Trade Shows. The best way to avoid the Promotional Content dump is to think long and hard about what YOUR audience would utilize. For instance, a technology company would better (more than likely) better utilize a thumb drive with your company logo than say … a baked good company.

Take the time to really dissect your targeted audience, and don’t be afraid to be picky with how you distribute your Promotional Content (raffles are incredibly effective for this reason). If you blatantly hand out your Promotional Items, you decrease the value of them.

A Give & Take

Promotional Content giveaways are also another fantastic opportunity to do MUCH more than simply spread your name. Many companies also use this as an opportunity to make business connections and collect data in various forms (emails, phone numbers, and addresses).

If you or your business are trying to find new prospective clients, it is one of the most efficient ways (in a Trade Show setting) to make those valuable connections. They get an awesome promotional item, and you walk away with new business. A win, win situation!

Memorable Memorabilia

Having eye-catching and USEFUL promotional content is one of the biggest “bangs for your buck”, especially in regards to a trade show setting. The right promo can make you shine among the rest of the crowd, so ensure that you choose wisely.

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