Quick Quotes Designed for Customer Efficiency

No, these are not quick, little inspirational quotes to get you through the day. This is a new technology designed to help buyers and customers search, post, and receive information in the easiest way possible.

 Quick Quotes through PartsBase

Quick Quotes are new to PartsBase, and this helpful technology is used for the customer. It is designed specifically for customers to get exactly what they want in an efficient way. At the end of the day, the most important benefit a company can offer is the ability to make everything easier for the customer. Quick Quotes help customers search, find what they need, and document their findings using little effort and saving time.

Keep Your Records Organized

Businesses are busy, and demand is high. You can spend hours scrolling through different sites and search engines for what you need, or you can go through PartsBase and not only find what you desire, but keep it organized for your personal records.  Through PartsBase, buyers have the ability to enter the quantity of parts they are searching for in the RFQ (request for quote) box. Buyers may then choose companies to send the RFQ, view the RFQ or even print copies for their records.

Many Different Features

There is even space in Quick Quotes to enter lead-time and comments as well as an option to email the RFQ. With just a click of a button, buyers can print fax-ready copies for their records. Quick quotes also give customers the ability to attach documents and photos that pertain to the part they are searching for. There is even a “no quote” feature which allows your customer to know that you do not have this part in stock. So how can you as a buyer use this impressive and easy technique? PartsBase has a free trial to help you on your way.

Easy Way to Post, Search and Update Records

PartsBase strives to make the buyer and the customer’s experience quick, easy and profitable. By providing the option of quick quotes, PartsBase ensures an easier way to post, search, and update your records. By contacting PartsBase, you can learn about the many package deals offered. And the best part? They ALL ensure unlimited searching and unlimited real time message board postings. This new aspect of PartsBase is now available for buyer and consumer use.

To find more out about quick quotes and how it works, visit PartsBase and act today with their free trial. If you would rather talk to a person directly, contact a sales rep at (888) 322-6896.


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