Rent or Buy Trade Show Equipment?

If you and your company are keeping your hand on the pulse of your business sector … you are probably aware of the importance of attending or, even better, hosting an exhibit at a trade show.  If so, fantastic!  With this said however, there are some questions that are raised in frequently exhibiting at a trade show … primarily “should I rent of should I buy my exhibit booth?”

An excellent question and one which we will gladly dive into with this week’s blog.

               Buy or Rent?

How many shows do you plan on attending?  Will your company’s branding have any edits or changes in the foreseeable future?  What is the frequency in which you will ACTUALLY utilize the equipment?  These are only some of the questions that you should be asking yourself as the time to decide between renting and buying exhibit equipment comes up.


For instance, Buying your exhibit equipment is perfect for going to multiple shows, so long as your design does not change.  In this sense it can be somewhat limiting, especially if your exhibit booth conforms to a very specific standard (if it is strictly a 10×10) and the space of another tradeshow permits for more.  This is a recipe for making your business look like a child in a pair of adult boots … just plain silly.  With this said however, there are options available for adaptable booths; ones in which, with additional construction pieces, will allow you to adapt to whatever specifications need be.

The last example listed above is an excellent example of how buying your booth can be incredibly cost effective.  Instead of needing to pay a company to construct your exhibit space every time (which can get incredibly pricey), you can bring your exhibit with you! 

By buying your booth you also open up a whole world of customizable options.  When you purchase … the booth is YOURS!  You can create every detail to your exact specifications without many restrictions that are limited by renting a booth.  If you want a swing or heck … even a FOUNTAIN … in the middle of your booth exhibit, you are fully capable of doing so.


Wow, buying sounds like such an incredible opportunity (which it is).  Renting your exhibit booth however can not only save you and your company a massive amount of cash, but it will also provide a hassle-free experience in setting up the booth and taking down the exhibit.

By renting an exhibit booth you can change the branding with ease and allows you to be flexible when attending multiple trade shows on a tight budget.  This is to say that if your company is only going to be exhibiting at a maximum of two trade shows a year … renting may be the best option for you.  We see this option in many start-ups and new businesses until they are able to get a solid grasp of what works best for them and their company.

Renting provides a flexible, and customizable, option that really depends on your trade show needs at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a booth.

               Your Wants & Needs

Ultimately, the decision lies with the frequency in which you will use the exhibit booth, and the reliability/dependability of your brand identity.  If your business is new to the trade show game, maybe consider renting until you know exactly what your booth needs to look like to attract the most attention possible.  If you have an established identity and are confident in what your business needs … then buying an exhibit booth is probably the best possible option.

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