The Safest Year in Aviation

The year 2017 has been a bag of mixed emotions; whether it is the bitcoin explosion, the advancement of women’s rights, or even the new Star Wars movie. There have been real struggles throughout the country, but every storm cloud has a silver lining. This past year has also been the safest year in commercial aviation history according to the Aviation Safety Network 1, totaling with zero passenger jet flight fatalities.

Committed to Safety

Passenger commercial aviation accidents and fatalities have steadily been on the decline over the past decade. This could be in part to the flight safety regulations previously instated (TSA and ICAO) or by Commercials Airliners commitment to ensuring safe travel for their passengers. It is through these departments, paired with legislation from the U.N. and other influences, that all aspects of aviation are regulated.

A Look at the Past

Here we have a graph displaying the amount of fatal accidents, which can be used to depict the continuous evolution of flight safety. It is important to keep in mind that none of the fatalities in 2017 involved a passenger jet (747s, 777s, C919, A380, etc…).

Never a Better Time to See the World

With these record breaking numbers, now is the perfect time to travel and see the world!  For those of us more nervous to fly, it is incredibly reassuring to see such safe passenger flight numbers.  With over 35 million passenger flights, the math shows that there was 1 fatal accident for roughly every 7 million flights departures.  This is a tremendous safety improvement from 2014, which was the year in which two Malaysian Airliners had fatal crashes with the passenger flight MH370 seemingly vanishing.

Tighter safety regulations for passenger flights benefit everyone by: reassuring a safe trip for the passenger which makes them likely to travel more frequently, boosts investment incentive, and creates more jobs within the aviation and flight marketplace – adding to economy.  As passenger flights become safer, and people’s sense of wanderlust skyrocket, we can expect the air travel industry to grow.

We look forward to continued work with PMA’s, the government, and those involved in the aviation industry to ensure safe air travel.  If you have enjoyed this content, feel free to check out our other blogs and follow us across our social media platforms.

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