Save the Date – PBExpo ’19

PartsBase is proud to announce our 2nd annual PBExpo Aviation, Aerospace, & Technologies Trade show on March 13th & March 14th. In our inaugural event, PartsBase was overjoyed with the results as we were able to provide experiences above our expectations. PBExpo is one of the only interactive trade show environments to host aviation, aerospace, defense, technology, and business-to-business ecommerce solutions companies.

PartsBase’s dream vision for PBExpo has become a reality. When PartsBase decided to host PBExpo 2018 we were stepping into a realm of unknown, and unlimited, possibilities. We could not be happier with the way in which 2018’s Trade show went, and the value that it brought to the community which has given so much to us. PBExpo’s success has made us more confident than ever coming into 2019, and we are more than ready to host an even more exciting show!

Here is Why

A problem oftentimes experienced by others who decide to tackle such a monumental event is that attendees, exhibitors, & sponsors alike are often categorized as being “niche”. Being placed in this type of “specialty audience only” is comparable to forcing yourself to use a crutch when it is simply not needed.

PBExpo 2018 & 2019 are future focused forums that are not segregated by niches or specialty audiences. It is the premier opportunity for all (yes ALL) companies to buy & sell with the entire industry, in a face-to-face environment, without limitations. Make contacts. Do business.


Bringing together buyers & sellers in the parts supply chain to conduct seamless transactions is the ultimate goal of PartsBase. In addition to providing efficient ecommerce solutions for buying & selling aircraft parts & services, PartsBase understands face-to-face interaction is vital for building ever-lasting business relationships.

PBExpo is the place where a formerly secluded virtual community comes together in a live & interactive trade show environment, shakes hands and makes connections.

The Wait is Over

The goal of PBExpo is to showcase innovations we, at PartsBase, discuss with our clients on a daily basis and provide them an education and the resources to implement in their business.

By attending PBExpo 2019, you’ll hear from key industry experts and insiders that will discuss trends including- the use of Big Data in the aftermarket, the Aviation industry’s new & best practices for inventory optimization, latest Technology innovations for Aviation B2B, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security.

PBExpo is far more than “just” a trade show and an excellent networking opportunity. PBExpo is a jumpstart to healthy business practices, to breaking stale business molds, & to the newest and greatest technologies in the field today. To find out more, visit or call PartsBase at 561-953-0700 or 888-920-1718.

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