SPOOKY Halloween Outreach & Marketing!

A very Happy, and SPOOKY, Halloween to you all!

Hello to all of our BOO-tiful readers out there! Without trying to sound too (candy) corny, Halloween is an absolutely FANGtastic opportunity for client outreach and marketing. Granted, if your clients are not ones for GHOULish gifts, you may want to avoid the tips below! They will SCARE your socks right off!

Dust off the Cobwebs!

There are PLENTY of excellent marketing, advertising, and outreach tips out there (thanks for choosing ours!) … so if you are having a difficult time, don’t be afraid to look at the bare BONES of other’s marketing ideas!

Decorate & Show Off

Hang those cobwebs! Display that furry spider and skeleton! Have that candy ready! These are just a few examples of how you can physically get in the mood for the spookiest of days. As you decorate around your office or elsewhere, snap pictures! You are creating a Halloween marketing campaign and you want to ensure that people know that.

By snapping these actions shots of your office decorating you will display not only your general excitement over the holiday, but it will also serve as an incredible opportunity for media outreach for your business! Individuals on social media absolutely LOVE seeing the human side to your business because it shows that you are much more than an anonymous voice!

Costumes Galore!

Host a Costume Contest
By hosting a costume contest within your business, you will again expand on the human aspect of your business. The more creative, the better as you will want to stand out amongst the crowd! Halloween is an excellent time for community development and outreach, so be sure to capitalize on the opportunity! Create a hashtag, or post pictures of pumpkin carvings.

By doing this, you will also open entirely new opportunities for involvement, WITCH is great for creating community involvement! Have an online competition or encourage your customers to share their spooky costumes or hauntingly chilling carved pumpkins to really drive impression rates to new heights!

Treat Your Customers!

Our final TRICK is to TREAT your customers!

There are many ways that you can treat your customers to an enjoyable experience and invoke a call to actions. The season for fun trick-or-treatments is now, so why not give your customers/consumers a chance to REAP in some spooky benefits!

Use Halloween marketing to offer holiday discounts on services, products, or any other various form of expenses leading up to today, the SPOOKIEST day of ALL! Send out spook-tacular candy baskets with exclusive offers (perhaps a 66.6% bundled discount if it isn’t too SCARY!) to help entice customers to choose you over your competition.

Customer and consumer engagement is what can separate great business strategies apart from the HORROR-ble ones … which one will you be?

HOWL You Handle Your Halloween?

These tips and tricks are just a few of the seemingly endless possible ways to put your business on the map in regard to the holiday festivities! We, here at PartsBase, can hardly wait to hear how you and your business utilize these SWEET opportunities to attract new business!

Client outreach and marketing is vitally important to stay afloat in today’s business realm. Taking advantage of creative holiday advertising and marketing not only helps your business stand out, but it is a cute way to let your clients/customers know that you care.

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