The Benefits of Blogging

Whether you are a big or small business, you have probably considered whether you should start a blog. Would it be beneficial for you? Is it worth the cost?

Yes … yes it is! Now, this may come as surprise to you but, as a blogger, I HEAVILY recommend having someone produce written content for you. Blogging on a regular basis (for PartsBase once a week) is a relatively easy, and inexpensive, way to drastically increase your visibility in online searches. It is also an incredible way to enhance your inbound marketing efforts, offer an additional place for revenue (ad space), drive traffic through your site, increase your Click Through Rate (CTR), and ultimately … attract more perspective clients for your business.

Social Posts, Blogs, & Graphics … Oh My!

Now, for some of our viewers, your heads might be already spinning with ideas. There are others, however, that reading our intro paragraph has already sent them into a tizzy!

Fear not, for generating content is becoming increasingly easier with each passing day. One of the many reasons why, is because the Google algorithm loves fresh content. There is no better way to produce consistent content, than it is with blogs. In doing so, you give Google, Yahoo, & Bing (and any other search engines we are missing) an easy way to find your business. By utilizing proper keywords (done correctly with enough research) you are able to show incredible growth in your business’ visibility among the search engine result pages.

Blogs are Relatable and Engaging

Oh, you need more reasons to start blogging? Okay then!

Blogging is one of the easiest ways for your business to develop relationships with your business’ clients. By producing these blogs, and other forms of written content, you allow any website visitors to truly CONNECT with your business … and more importantly your hand-crafted image. It also provides a place for your clients to be actively engaged in the conversations that matter the most to your business.

By creating this rapport with your readers, it makes them more inclined to share the conversation with their friends … and so on. This opportunity to engage with your business’ customers is an excellent way to gain direct INSIGHT into what your client base wants, which in turn will exponentially increase your business’ growth.

Create the Blogging Experience

Blogging experience? What is that supposed to mean?

The blogging experience is what we refer to as a kind of “one stop shop” experience. This is to say that your business’ blog should be a site that people WANT to read. This means that you must be able to peer into your customer’s or client’s wants, and then produce content that is relevant to them (thus ensuring they remain on your site for a longer amount of time). Now, you can do so by creating a conversation with your business’ blog (as we mentioned above) or you could do so by paying attention to your business sector’s recent news and “hot” topics.

This is a very competitive market so your content must be engaging, some may say even conversational. In doing so you create a “want-based” blog that people will be interested in reading during their spare time. This type of blogging provides focus on answering immediate questions your readers may have – but more importantly it provides the solutions that YOUR business wants to offer. This proves to be an excellent opportunity to stimulate demand for something your readers would have otherwise not known that they wanted (beauty products, clothing, and other smaller purchases).

By creating a sort of nurturing atmosphere for your readers, it actively encourages them to take place in the conversation at hand.

Strategize with Your Blogging

Blogging continues to serve as an incredible outlet for getting viewed on search engine results, creating an engaging environment with your customers, and as an additional source of revenue for your business. The reason’s listed above are just a few of the seemingly endless list of benefits. It is only fair that we would take a look at the list of cons, right?

So … cons to blogging … THERE ARE NONE! Get yourself out there, and get the views that your business deserves!

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