The Benefits to In Person Meetings

A new age of business is upon us; a world where everything is connected to the internet and online impressions can make or break a company.  While being connected online assists businesses in many cases, there are still aspects that should be run in a “classic” style; such as meeting face-to-face.

Certain new age technologies may attempt to replace the face to face conversations like- Skype, Facebook chat, and Apple’s FaceTime, but there is still an incredible amount of value in meeting face-to-face. Today we will be discussing the seemingly endless benefits of in person business meetings.

Make the 1st Impression Count

Dress sharply, brush your hair, smile, and practice your handshake because it is essential to leave a great 1st impression.  Most people, especially in the business realm, make their mind up about any given individual within 7 seconds of meeting them.  It is extremely challenging to undo hard set 1st impressions, and also why it is important to portray yourself to the best of your ability.

Body Language

One way to make sure you leave a great 1st impression is by actively paying attention to the way your body language represents you.  Some examples of this would be to not cross your arms when speaking with someone, as it can often be viewed as close minded and not open to fresh ideas. It is important to note that any sort of “closing in on oneself” is a typically associated with weakness; so to avoid these scenarios it is vital to remain open and comfortable.

Face-to-Face with Reality 

Another benefit (or possible detriment) to meeting a client face-to-face is that you get a chance to see what they are really like, and vice versa. If you appear confident in your ability, whoever you are meeting with will surely take notice and react appropriately.

Meeting in person will also allow you to take notice your surroundings.  Seeing a client’s office is like looking at a piece of them, they pour themselves into their business and that fact should not be overlooked. Are they messy? Are they neat and organized? Are they family oriented (pictures on the desk)? All of these factors can make or break a successful 1st impression, so be sure to pay attention to these “minor” details when meeting face-to-face.


In conclusion, there are many factors that have an effect on first impressions.  As long as you remain conscientious of your actions, as well as your surroundings, you will do incredibly well in a face-to-face business meeting.  If you are interested in these pieces, continue to follow our blog as we tackle problems and questions often sought after in the business realm.

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