The Blurring of B2B & B2C

There was a time when extravagance would blindly attract attention to a business, but consumers are becoming wiser as tune goes on. While a flashing and promising graphic or advertisement may attract the consumer’s/business owner’s eye at first (which may or may not result in a click), if it cannot pack the punch … consumers will flee. The same tactics can be applied to the B2B world, as supposed to the B2C example above.


B2Cs were traditionally referred to pay-per-view television channels, infomercials, outlet shopping malls, business flyers on telephone poles, and/or eating out at a restaurant. In today’s new age business environment however, the line has begun to blur. This is all thanks to the internet!

Business that traditionally rely on exclusively Business-to-Consumer sales know that it is vitally important to maintain high customer return rates. The consumer is their primary source of income, so any form of damage in that relationship can greatly impact not just the individual, but also all of the contacts the individual consumer is connected to. Their emotional response to your marketing, at that point in time, is irreversibly damaged.

Business-to-Business campaigns however, were specially designed to showcase the value of a product or service. B2B’s have managed to thrive, in terms of internet adaptability, because they are able to display their product to a wider audience range through nearly countless visually-stimulating mediums.

The Internet in B2B & B2C

There were a few companies that survived the “dotcom bubble” of the early 2000’s including- Amazon, PartsBase, eBay, Priceline, & Apple. These companies offer primarily Business-2-Cconsumer types of sales, but have since adapted to an ever expanding need to conform to both B2B & B2C standards.

Business-2-Business has, for nearly as long as it has existed, been strictly about when one business makes a commercial transaction with another. While this technical definition may have not been altered … the strategy to acquiring new business deals has drastically changed. The B2B industry, much like any other business industry, has forgone changes that now equally protect businesses- no matter the size! Because of this leveling of the playing field it is now more important than ever before for businesses to develop a “personality” of sorts, which then greatly reflects upon their reputation.

Business-2-Consumer companies are very familiar with this sort of “brand development”. While Business-2-Business may not be heavily reliant on this type advertising, it is essential in the world of B2C. It is much simpler for a customer to make an emotionally invested choice in a brand over one with very little familiarity. Consumers shop with their hearts, and are business owners not consumers?


Much like Frankenstein’s monster, when naysayers thought that online B2C advertising would die … its almost lifeless hand twitched! The surge of online Business-to-Consumer & Business-to-Business customer accumulation methods continues to grow to this day.

As it turns out, compelling & applicable content plus a heavy dose of proper social media management strongly correlates to not just consumer loyalty, but also for brand development & consumer engagement! These types of marketing methods are not about selling products (like our formerly mentioned “Traditional” section) but instead shift their focus to demonstrate the value of their brand. Jonathan Ronzio explains it best at …

“Google isn’t a search engine. Google is a digital toolset that breaks down time, space, and knowledge barriers to enable meaningful connections and personal growth.”

The power lays with the consumer/customer. Proper Brand Development gives them a bullhorn to rave about your product/business with.

In Summary

This information listed above is of the utmost importance to all businesses, regardless of Business-2-Business or Business-2-Consumer, if they wish to stay afloat in today’s competitive business environment. Consumer’s, as mentioned above, are wise to these tactics which makes it all that more important to iron out any wrinkles in your B2C or B2B business.

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