Traveling Tips & Tricks During Thanksgiving

Hello everyone and a Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving 2018 is upon us, and PartsBase wants to share some of our tips and tricks for traveling during this season … as it can be hectic!

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year in terms of air travel, so be sure that you are prepared! Below we list off a few tips and tricks for the smoothest traveling experience possible. Without further adieu, lets get right into the Turkey and Gravy of things!

Tips & Tricks #1

Pack Lightly

As most of you probably know, a trip begins with what you decide to bring with you. The problem then becomes, what if I don’t bring enough or if I bring too little? Fear not … because PartsBase has a possible solution!

In this case, we would recommend making a check list of sorts filled with the essentials for your trip. Whether it be ensuring you have a swimsuit for your tropical feast in South Florida, or if you need a big winter coat for your Thanksgiving Day in Maine – so check the weather! By packing the essentials, you may fear that you’ve forgotten the necessary toiletries and the like … but those small and disposable items can all be purchased at your destination.

By packing light, you can severely cut down your travel time, as a carry on lets you get on and off in a breeze!

Tips & Tricks #2

TIME to Plan Ahead

Airports are going to be crowded this time of year … it is an undeniable fact! The last thing you want to have happen to you is miss your flight because you are stuck in rush hour traffic. This is why you need to ensure you arrive at the airport early, we recommend an hour to an hour and a half, to avoid any potential headaches.
In the best-case scenario … you arrive at your flight on time or as they are boarding. A worst case, you find out that there is no line for security or at your gate … which gives you time to relax and maybe pick up a book or a magazine for your flight!

These early check ins can also apply to your hotel! After a long day of traveling … one of the last things you want to have happen is for your hotel to not have any space for you. While you are waiting around for your flight, it is possible to check in with the hotel that you are staying at to see if everything is going according to plan. This is just another of the possible activities for you to do while you wait for your flight!

Tips & Tricks #3

Try & Get a Non-Stop Flight 

This is not always the easiest task, especially during Thanksgiving … but it is one of the easiest ways to ensure the smoothest possible traveling experience. No one wants to spend their entire day going from airport to airport. By booking a non-stop flight you avoid the tension that is often associated with long-term traveling. This will also give you the most opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and family for the holiday … and to stuff your face!

Final Tip & Trick

Reserve Your Spot at PBExpo 2019

This is because there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to secure your spot at the premier aviation, aerospace, and technology trade show of the season. Think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself or a loved one – the chance to actively take place in the evolution, innovation, and disruption of the aviation, aerospace, and technological market places.

PBExpo 2019 is taking place at the Ft. Lauderdale convention center March 13th & 14th. So … while you carve into the turkey, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve secured your spot at PBExpo 2019. Booth and sponsorship deals are still available as of today, so be sure to secure yours!

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