5 Affordable Tips to Grow Your Business.

Many businesses face challenges in expansion, especially with a limited budget. This proverbial kink in the hose prevents businesses from fully utilizing strategies that are rightfully theirs. The aviation marketplace is no exception to this rule and it is a frequent trouble that PartsBase sees with businesses in our realm of expertise. Today we will look at the struggles businesses face, and what some options are if you are looking to increase your aviation business on a budget and dominate your respective field.

1.) Engage With Your Customers.

By physically talking to your customer base, you will be surprised by the amount of inspiration made available. If you are on good terms with your customer base they are more likely to give advice, because they truly want you to succeed. Your success leads to their success because when you, as a business owner, are capable of providing the maximum service possible it creates a smooth and fluid environment for your customers.

Outreach to your customers becomes a sort of “Return on Investment” in their eyes. This also means that they do not expect to be ignored. This leads perfectly into our next subject … actually listening to advice received.

2.) Actually Listen!

Of course, there are millions of books, audiotapes, blogs, and other forms of content out there that says the same thing on an ever-repeating cycle. This is because they are all correct. It is vitally important to actively listen to you customer base if you reach out to them; as no one wants to feel as though their opinion is not valid.

The importance of validation and accreditation cannot, and should not, go by the way side. Let your customers know that you hear them, and that you care. Take the information to heart, even if you decide to not implement the suggestions.

3.) Think Smart.

You, the Business Owner, may need to rethink business strategies and budgeting. Thinking in this sense does not in any way lessen the strategies you’ve implemented; it simply is to open your eyes to varying possibilities. Look towards foreign influences, not simply just to implement new life into your business but to also see what makes other businesses tick. What are they doing differently from you, and why does it work for them?

4.) Be Present.

Being present every day may seem like a simple enough suggestion, but even the glaringly obvious sometimes need to be restated. All too often workers and owners alike simply go through their 9-5 every single day, and cannot give a single specific detail of what happened. This is what it means to be “absent”.

In this absence, we lose the real potential for expansion. Time continuously flows, no matter if you are present in the moment or not … so by actively thinking about tasks (no matter the severity) you force yourself to stay in the present and maximize productivity.

5.) Increase Social Presence.

Being active across social platforms helps show that you are engaged with your customer base, which makes your company stand out that much more. Customers like to know that they can voice a complaint, or even praise, of your company and they will be immediately tended to. This instant gratification increases brand loyalty, and vastly builds up customer trust.

PartsBase recognizes how important it is to be trusted by customers across social platforms, and how hard it is to build up that following from the ground up. There are invaluable resources available; whether that is Hootsuite (which allows the scheduled publication of content), Google My Business (which allows businesses to respond to both negative and positive online reviews), Moz (an introductory SEO crash course), and so much more.

Mix and Match.

Short answer is, there is no SIMPLE way to grow your business. There is no solution which will let you sit back and simply reap the benefits. For those that are willing to put fourth enough effort, following the basic guidelines mentioned above will lead to expansive opportunities. It is on the owner to grab those opportunities with both hands and be able to properly implement what they learn.

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