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This is not the first time…and most likely it will not be the last time the aviation industry has to pull itself up by the boot straps and prevail. But, make no mistake about it, we will prevail.

Not long ago, the biggest concern facing commercial aviation was whether Airbus and Boeing could produce enough aircraft to keep up with demand.

However, after an unprecedented run of what seemed to be an unparalleled and unstoppable success, aviation and aerospace have flown into a perfect storm. Since the global pandemic has emerged, we have seen new rounds of fleet groundings, layoffs and order deferrals or cancellations.

But amidst the fear and panic, we need to take a deep breath and remember that this industry has survived many big challenges: oil price spikes; the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks; and the 2008-09 global financial meltdown. Every single time, aviation has recovered and grown stronger, resuming its long-held trend of improving faster than global economic growth.

Of course, there are lessons to be learned from this crisis, and a return to business as usual simply will not suffice. Many companies will be looking to cut costs.

For example, numerous aircrafts are being stored, due to lack of people traveling. Former Delta Air Lines exec and now IATA head of operational cost management Chris Markou said in the Cirium webinar that OEMs have been working with airlines to find efficient ways of doing maintenance on grounded jets, keeping them safe while saving man-hours. “They are addressing calendar-time tasks and looking for opportunities to combine tasks.”

Other ways businesses are cutting costs is by looking at processes they have in-house; how they are buying, selling and even listing aviation parts. Would you believe that the price comparison on companies that offer this service is astronomical. Probably a good time to do some research to save your company money as subscriptions to these types of membership services can cost tens of thousands of dollars. THAT’S A LOT!

So, as we go through this as an industry together, we must realize that this is not about politics or competitive edge. It is about helping our essential industry survive this tragedy. 

Let’s remember in a world of uncertainty, one thing is certain… We will soar again! PartsBase will continue to provide cost effective technology supply chain solutions to support your business.


PBExpo Announces Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation as Keynote Speaker for 2020 Miami Beach Exhibition

PBExpo Announces Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation as Keynote Speaker for 2020 Miami Beach Exhibition

BOCA RATON, FL. November 8, 2019 / Today, PartsBase & PBExpo announced that Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Global Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, Steve Haro, will present as a keynote speaker for PBExpo 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida.  Haro is responsible for developing strategies to maintain long-term competitiveness, positioning Mitsubishi Aircraft in the global market, and supporting airline customers with network and fleet scenario planning through analysis from regionally deployed marketing teams. He is also a member of the executive strategy team that is tasked with ensuring the company transforms into a global, world-class producer of commercial aircraft.

Prior to joining Mitsubishi, he spent a successful 33-years at the Boeing Company where he held various leadership positions in Manufacturing, Engineering, Business Development, and Marketing. He successfully led the marketing efforts for three of Boeing’s Wide-body airplane programs and spent more than five years in Airplane Development as the Marketing leader for the 777X which culminated in the largest product launch in commercial aviation history (Dubai,2013 $95B in orders).

The 3rd annual PBExpo, presented by PartsBase, is a revolutionary aviation, aerospace, and defense trade-show & conference focused on showcasing emerging e-commerce technologies, digital transformation, digital marketing and critical B2B tools for success. PBExpo 2020 will take place March 18-19, 2020 in Miami Beach, FL, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

“Mitsubishi is a leader in aviation innovation and is a natural fit for PBExpo.  We share a common vision with Mitsubishi of enhancing the customer experience and we are thrilled that Steve will be able to join us in 2020” said Greg Schmidt, PartsBase President.

About PBExpo

Presented by PartsBase, PBExpo is the only interactive environment that integrates the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries with technology and e-commerce solutions. PBExpo 2020 will consist of multiple forums and industry panels, over two days, which will allow participants to discuss and demonstrate the newest innovations available in the marketplace, attend educational seminars presented by industry leaders, walk a vast and expansive industry-focused exhibit hall, and provide direct feedback and roadmap suggestions on the PartsBase website.

About PartsBase

Established in 1996, PartsBase is the world’s leader in internet-based part locator services. Our online community includes more than 7,500 companies and 30,000 end-users in the aviation, defense, and aerospace industries. The service provides the perfect opportunity for suppliers, distributors, and service providers to reach the most targeted audience in the industry.

PartsBase provides access to members in all facets of the aviation parts business, including major airlines, FBOs, OEMs, distributors, surplus dealers, brokers, military defense centers, charter operations, and MRO stations.

For more information, please visit www.partsbase.com

About Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation develops, produces, sells and supports the Mitsubishi SpaceJet family of next-generation regional jets, which offer the most spacious cabins, widest economy seats, highest aisle clearance and most overhead bin capacity of any aircraft in their class. The company headquarters are in Nagoya, Japan, and its U.S. headquarters are in Renton, Washington, U.S. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation is a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

For more information about the company, please visit www.mitsubishiaircraft.com.

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The technological world continues to ramp up in terms of evolution, and there are no signs that it will slow down – especially in terms of Cyber Security Defense. As the defenses against these cyber security threats has grown, so have the attackers.

The aviation industry must be on the forefront of these technological advancements, due to the extremely sensitive information they handle.
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