Augmented Reality in Aviation

“Will Augmented Reality completely change the Aviation field?” Yes … it absolutely will. Through the use of AR, maintenance will be streamlined and more easily implemented, navigation will be simplified, and the overall experience will be that much more enjoyable for all involved parties!

The Future of Aviation Lies in AR

Augmented Reality takes only a slight twist on the physical world; slightly altering it while Virtual Reality completely removes the user from “the present” and places in them in an artificially created world. AR is greatly affecting nearly ever market there is- doctors can now see the cardiovascular system from outside the patient’s body (without have a CT scan) and mechanics are shown step by step instructions on how to correct a car’s problem.

These newest emerging technologies available in augmented reality (or AR) are going to drastically change the way that the Aviation field operates. How you may ask? By utilizing AR, real-time information can be instantaneously communicated through the use of images, texts, and audio. This is to say that the pilot, maintenance workers, air traffic controller, and flight attendants will all have their jobs vastly improved upon with the implementation of these AR technologies.

Ways AR will Change Aviation

The reason why aviation will be forever changed once AR becomes the standard is because of augmented realities ability to display key points of information when it is needed most. It will aid in visualizing navigation systems, air-traffic control, live weather updates, terrain & airspace information in a three dimension display, a passenger’s food aversions/allergies or stress levels, vital manufacturing information, and step by step instructions for maintenance workers.

These jobs in the aviation field are going to be revolutionized upon the implementation of AR. An example of this, one we have used in a previous blog, is a product by TAE Aerospace. The Australian based company is working on a wearable goggles that allow on-site technicians to collaborate with the product experts, quite literally giving the workers an expert in their ear. This technology provides real time assistance from EXPERTS on their product … meaning a small maintenance worker in Oklahoma can have live-fed assistance from a professional all the way from Australia! Crickey!

This Fantasy is now a Reality

AR is broadening the scope of the aviation field. It streamlines productivity in the field of maintenance repair and operations (as mentioned above), as well as providing airline attendants additional tools to make sure that you have the best flight possible.

When this augmented reality technology is paired other emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning (AI), and automation, we are given a glimpse of what lies ahead in the aviation field. With these additions the access to relevant information not only is greatly raised, but the information is then turned into easily accessible and compact data! The collaboration of the entire company’s workforce comes together as one super-packed and cohesive unit.

The Benefits

The benefits of incorporating Augmented Reality in aviation are seemingly endless. As the aviation industry comes towards the new era of technological innovation, aviation companies and airlines will be able to avoid costly mistakes as well ensure the smoothest functionality as possible. The data collected from these technological advancements will be used for years, even decades, down the road to continue the swift advancement of the aviation industry.

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