Directing Traffic to Your Booth

PBExpo 2018 is rapidly rounding the corner, with less than 60 days left until show time! As May 16th and May 17th approach, PartsBase wanted to share some vital information on how to attract people to your Trade show booth and get the best visitor turn out, as well as getting the greatest return on your investment.

This is because PartsBase knows that investing time, capital, man power, and precious resources can be and is exhausting. We know that attending or having a booth at an Expo or Trade show is tiring, because we are right there on the front line. PartsBase was at MRO America’s trade show, Paris Air and Trade show, ACPC, HAI Heli-Expo, and many more worldwide. We know the aviation, aerospace, and technology trade show space which is quite literally why we decided to host PBExpo 2018.

Attention Grabbers

Imagine if you will, being an attendee of a large trade show and walking down rows of booths after booths that look exactly carbon copied versions of each other, with very slight alterations. Then, as an ever-hopeful Expo attendee, you pass a booth with a large and colorful spinning wheel. There are eye-popping products and vibrantly colored prizes neatly scattered across the booth. Behind the booth’s table, there are energetic employees that are eager to tell you exactly why you should use their product instead of the rest of the bland competition; the attendee gazing starry-eyed as the wheel slows to the prize they were hoping to get.

This dream booth is achievable! It is important to utilize any of the tactics mentioned above, or any variation of them, to attract people to your booth. Use attention grabbers, like prizes and bright colors, to capture their attention; and ensure that your staff at your booth are energized individuals (even schedule breaks if need be) because they are the life blood of what makes your booth stand apart from the average at a Trade show.

Prioritize Your Objective

We all have seen it at these large Trade shows, the booths that seem cluttered and even confused. There are of course a number of contributing factors, but one of the easiest ways to avoid these types of mishaps is to discover what your objective is. Do you want to- spread your name, collect contact information, have people register for a service? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself before devoting your efforts into a booth to maximize your investments.

Join the Show Hosted by People Who Know the Business

As mentioned above, PartsBase knows Trade shows and Expos. Because we know what both attendees and exhibitors want to see in a trade show. We have been in each position and have hand-crafted PBExpo in the image of the greatest aviation, aerospace, and technology trade shows on the planet. If you want to find out more about PBExpo, and secure your spot, you may contact any of our representatives at (561)-953-0700 or visit We will see you there May 16th and May 17th!

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