Exhibiting at a Trade Show on a Budget

Trade shows are quite the production. Hundreds of different companies with massive booth exhibits and various product demonstrations that were (quite literally) made for attracting people and making them stay. Pouring thousands upon thousands of dollars into these complex exhibits certainly can pay off, but what if you are exhibiting at a show on a budget? What if you want to run with the “big dogs”, how can YOUR booth stand out among them?

Glad you asked nameless reader.


The Art of the Trade Show

There are many ways for you to make a splash at trade shows on a budget! Trade show attendees can also appreciate simplicity, much like that of modern art.

A Barnett Newman piece titled “Onement VI” that sold for $43.8 million dollars.

The above example displays exactly how there are those that are drawn towards “simple” and find the clustered excitement of large budget exhibitor booths to be “a bit much”. A perfect embodiment of “to each their own”.

Because of this, there is a plethora of opportunities available to attract attention that would have otherwise skipped over your trade show exhibit. To maximize on these opportunities and to make your “simple” exhibit the best it can be, we would recommend –

  • Keeping a bright theme to your booth (whether that be the colors, attitudes, or physical lighting).
  • Making sure your trade show exhibit “hosts” know their materials, and can adapt to most situations.

Low Budget, No Problems

There are seemingly endless ways in today’s modern age to self-promote, advertise, and make information readily available. It is important to take full advantage of everything at your disposal, especially in regards to saving physical capital.

Instead of printing hundreds of handouts, make them available for a quick download onto attendee’s phones. Instead of purchasing a permanent exhibit, consider renting one. Promote through all of your social platforms. Limit “giveaways” to items specifically catered to your brand.

In terms of design, you can catch the attention of most trade show attendees with simple, or rather minimalist, large graphics. These should often times contain very little text to naturally bring out the natural curiosity of trade show attendees; though of course there is an art to being “tastefully and curiously vague”.

Keeping small and relatively simple allows companies and individuals to save copious amounts of money, which allows them to further invest in themselves- which ultimately is the goal of exhibiting at a trade show.

PBExpo 2018 Prep

With so many ways to make a splash at your next trade show, it is time to put them to use.  PBExpo is the perfect place to test your improved and affordable exhibits.  Not only is PBExpo’s exhibit pricing considerably lower than that of its competitors (saving you even MORE money), but for the hundreds of aviation companies located in sunny South Florida – it is also local.

There is still booth availability, but time is quickly running out! For more information, visit www.pbexpo.org or call an agent at PartsBase at the phone number (561) 953-0700.

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