The Future of Mobile Applications in Aviation

In 2017 there was roughly 200 billion mobile applications being used (1). These mobile apps are ritually and habitually used to enhance the user’s average day experiences by providing quicker access to that “ease of aggravation” that consumers are used to.

This begs the question, would the aviation industry benefit from mobile applications?

The Answer is Yes

Yes, the aviation industry would, and currently does, benefit from mobile application use. Mobile Apps not only enhance the passenger experience but, they also help drive non-aviation based impression rates, advertising, and revenue. The advantages of mobile applications in the aviation field are able to accomplish this by utilizing location-based awareness to provide airline passengers immediate information on flight times, local concessions, exclusive promotional content, and retail deals nearby.

How is the Aviation Industry Benefitting?

According to the F.A.A., there are roughly 2.5 million people that fly with an airline every single day (based off 2017). The airline and aviation industry would be making a drastic mistake if they DIDN’T offer some semblance of a mobile application. By providing a mobile app airlines improve consumer interactions through- more fluid of check-ins, baggage security and management, flight time regulations, and even to receive live updates on the traffic.

In the past Airlines primary duties were simply transporting passengers from point A. to point B. This is no longer the case, as consumer/customer demands have escalated due to a sometimes overwhelming amount of choice. They will no longer settle for the bare minimum, and having access to a mobile application has become more of an expectation as supposed to a possible convenience.

Mobile Applications = Ease of Aggravations

In addition to everything that we’ve listed above, mobile applications also allow users to track if their flights will arrive on time, any potential delays, and some even allow flights to be tracked mid-travel. This is because consumers enjoy being in control and, in this sense, mobile applications make the stress of airline travel melt away.

If, or when, airlines are able to implement the use of mobile apps they typically see a spike in retention. This is because the data used in the mobile application is often-times stored in the cloud. When airlines use this method of data storage they are able to keep track of a customer’s preference; from their preferred seat (aisle, middle, & window) to the customer’s preferred title, their favorite meal and their beverage choice.

Learning about Mobile Apps at PBExpo 2019

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