What is DLA?

DLA is defined as the Defense Logistics Agency. This agency is under the U.S Department of Defense (DoD). Under the conditions of peace and war, DLA provides worldwide logistics support for the Military Departments and the United Combatant Commands.

DLA also provides logistical support for emergency preparedness and humanitarian missions.  The agency is based in Washington, D.C and oversees a staff of 27,000 employees. From food to fuel, DLA supplies the military with needs to operate.

What Can DLA do for me?

DLA participates in outreach programs to find potential small businesses in an attempt to teach them how to do business with their agency. Every year, the agency sponsors a specific number of small business events in an effort to help. The events pertain to locating and educating small business customers as well as their small manufacturers, service providers and distributors. DLA programs offer assistance with government procurement technology, identity of contacts, details on useful websites, and can even act as a government liaison for small businesses. The catch? There is none. DLA just wants to introduce small businesses to their mission, the items produced by the DLA and source lists.

However, in order to participate in these events, there are many steps your company will need to take.

DLA Registration Process

In order to participate in these events, you must have a small business, and the company must be owned by at least one economically challenged individual. There are 10 steps to doing business with DLA, and below states four that are required:

  • Vendors need a DUNS number
  • Vendors need to register with SAM
  • Register on DIBBS
  • Market you company

Even though 10 steps is quite an effort to make for this program, it not only helps you but it will help build your company and bring in more revenue.

How can PartsBase help me achieve this goal?

PartsBase offers many programs and strategies to help you through the process of applying to do business for DLA. The PartsBase Platinum package is available for help and also provides DLA forecasting as a benefit. Our team will take you through proven step by step process to secure assistance through DLA. To find more out about DLA and how it works visit PartsBase and act today with their free trial. If you would rather talk to a person directly, contact a sales rep at (888) 322-6896.




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