Why Should I Use PBLinked?

You should use PBLinked.com because it is designed for you, the fan of aviation that desperately wants a trusted network to connect with. It is meant to serve the users … period. The world of today is all about connectivity, and building networks that last. PartsBase recognized that craving for a connected network for the aviation world and stepped in to provide the best service possible.

Form Valuable Connections

With over 2000 members, and quickly expanding, PBLinked will allow members of the aviation community to connect in ways formerly unavailable– with an easy to use professional network. On PBLinked, asides from the thousands of professionals (all with important and independent connections), there are hundreds of business that all utilize the platform. This means that if you are looking for a job within the aviation market, you will have a free handy tool to get your foot into the door.
With businesses on our platform, we here at PartsBase couldn’t help but think “how can we move this even further forward”. This is why we decided to push the networking to the next level by giving businesses the option to list jobs and search our professional network for potential employees.

The Aviation Information Network

One of the interesting things about PBLinked is that it is a community for aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike, made by people who are truly passionate about aviation. Some people may see this and think “what’s so special about that?” And “I can go on my other networking platform and see the ‘same’ thing.” To that, we would say yes … after spending a solid chunk of your day (or even week) honing what you want to see on your feed, but what if you don’t have that sort of time? We in the business realm know that time is money, and we want to expedite that process.

PBLinked is a professional networking space that is specifically carved out to suite your needs. If you want to see articles, pictures, videos, and statuses that specifically pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and technologies field … then PBLinked is the place for you. If you want to spend the day sifting through what seems like endless Buzzfeed articles, pictures of your high school friend’s cat doing something that every cat does, and advertisements disguised as “news” … well then PBLinked may not be for you.

Aviation Photos and Competitions

We are constantly looking to expand, as any business should. One of newest, and most exciting, ventures is the “Contests” tab on PBLinked. Under the tab, we are able to create photo competitions with cash prizes! Every user gets a chance to submit one photo (and even change the photo if they please) and one vote to be cast; the photograph with the most votes at the end date wins. The creative content the user selects is entirely their own, we just want to see what incredible shots people manage to take. We have high ambitions for these competitions and plan to maintain them with larger prizes to be won!

Get Connected with the Professional Aviation Network

PBLinked is on the rise within the aviation community, with a daily expanding audience. We would love to see you join our incredible community, and begin networking with aviation lovers across the country … and even the globe! For more information on how to join the free aviation nation, check out PBLinked.com.

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