A Place for Technology in PBExpo.

Under 200 Days Until PBExpo 2018!

With 2017 coming to a close, 2018 is quickly rounding the corner; which means PBExpo 2018 is getting near.  PartsBase eagerly awaits May 16th and 17th when big names in technology, aviation, cyber security, big data, and ecommerce fields come together in the gorgeous Greater Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Convention Center for the inaugural PBExpo.

When some hear the name “PartsBase” attached to the PBExpo 2018, they may jump to the conclusion that it is an event exclusively for companies and individuals in aviation and aerospace fields.  This could not be further from the case.  PBExpo is as much for the aviation industry as it is for technology, cyber security, big data, and ecommerce companies- regardless of size.

PBExpo – More Than Just Aviation.

Although the core focus of PartsBase is bringing together buyers and sellers in the aviation industry, at the heart of it, PartsBase is a technology company. PartsBase is always striving to find efficiencies surrounding online transactions, and creating more opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect in the digital world. Thus, the idea of creating a tradeshow around the combination of aviation with technology solutions – PBExpo – was born.

The aviation industry is already very congested with many successful tradeshows, each focused on a niche within the aviation world. PBExpo is designed to bring the aviation industry together, without niche or segregation, to further inform and educate the industry on advances in technology, that will not only grow their businesses, but will advance the industry as a whole.

PBExpo will showcase big data, cyber security, social media, online advertising, ecommerce, escrow services, app development, API, and other technology companies that can bring the solutions and resources to grow the individual companies within the PartsBase community.

The Potential of PBExpo.

PartsBase members are made up of 7,500 companies, with 30,000 end users in 194 countries, all linked together by the business function of buying and selling online. This demographic represents the attendees of PBExpo which makes for a target rich environment for technology companies to source new leads in a previously untapped market.

PartsBase encourages all technology based companies to purchase a booth at PBExpo 2018.  Recognizing the importance of technology within the show, a special section on the exhibit hall floor, the Technology Pavilion, sponsored by CardConnect, has been designated to showcase all of the companies who provide technological services that will advance the aviation industry.

Seminars focused on these key technology topics will take center stage of the educational programming, providing even more opportunities for technology industry experts exhibiting at the show to educate attendees and promote their brand.

Stand Out in the Crowd.

PBExpo is not just an amazing opportunity to display your business and ground-breaking products; it is a chance for you to expand your social branding, your physical presence in your respected field and similar fields, and build invaluable partnerships in the aviation and aerospace sectors that heavily rely on technologies for their own advancements.

The attendees and exhibitors of this event are movers and shakers in the aviation world and they understand that technology is irreversibly linked to their market.  By exhibiting at this event, technology, cyber security, big data, and ecommerce companies essentially introduce themselves to an industry that they may not have had access to previously.  Appearance and visibility is key in order to succeed in today’s business market.

Why Wait?

There are still incredible sponsorship opportunities available (detailed in another PartsBase blog here), to further spread your brand awareness. There is also prime real estate still available within the Technology Pavilion to position your brand in the center of the exhibit hall.  Allow PartsBase to assist you by introducing your technology, cyber security, ecommerce, or data analysis company to their large and diverse following in the community, through PBExpo.  Show them exactly why you stand out, and why they should trust your business.

Early bird booth pricing specials are still available.  For more information on how to secure your booth at the PBExpo visit www.pbexpo.org or call PartsBase at (561) 953-0700.

PBExpo thanks the Technology Pavilion Sponsor, CardConnect.

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